Individual Social Responsibility Activities, 2021

“Ref. No.: ICAI/CSR/2021/3/7

Dear Professional Colleague,

Greetings from CSR Committee!!

As you are aware, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is proudly partnering with the Government of India in Nation Building through social activities, not only by the Corporates as per norms laid down in the Section 135 of the Companies Act, but also focussing on Individual Social Responsibility (ISR)

The Institute is well aware that its family of members and students have not only excelled in their professional lives but also are contributing regularly to the social activities. We invite you to extend your whole – hearted support to the cause of Nation Building, by contributing in any area of social cause / sustainability goals. Few of the focus areas of the committee are as under: 

1.       Tree Plantation : The world is at a critical juncture and there is a huge loss to the economy and ecology. The United Nations has drafted the Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved by the year 2030, a blueprint to a sustainable future. The Committee has taken the target of planting 10 lakhs trees during the current year 2021.  

Instructions for the Activity: You are requested to come forward and actively take part in the activity. All members and students are to plant a minimum of 1 (one) sapling, take 4 photos of the activity like photo of the sapling, digging the ground, planting the tree etc. alongwith specifications of the type of sapling planted and location tag and forward the details alongwith his/her membership number / student registration number.

2.       Blood Donation : During the times of Covid-19 pandemic, blood is in shortage. Therefore, the Committee has taken the target of donating 1 lakh units of blood during the year 2021. The large family of Chartered Accountants are encouraged to come forward to support the cause by donating blood. 
Instructions for the Activity : Please click a photo of yourself donating blood and share the same with us alongwith details of your Blood Group, date of donation, place of donation and membership number / student registration number.

  3.      Sustainability Development Goals- For a better tomorrow: We are aware that as an individual Professional, you are regularly contributing to the development of the Nation / Society. If you are actively involved in any such activity, henceforth, take a photo of the event / activity and send it to us with the details of the activity and be a proud contributor of the Individual Social Responsibility cause. 

The CSR committee is going to organise awards for ISR participation also.  All your entries will be considered for the ISR awards.

Kindly submit details of your social activities on the CSR Community by logging in to ICAI Digital Learning Hub Please click here for the Help Manual for submitting the details is attached herewith for your reference. 

This will not only help in popularising and creating awareness on the social issues , but will also become an integral part of the Social Activities undertaken by the Institute as a partner in various Government Initiatives.”

Thanking you
With Warm regards,
Chairman and Vice Chairman, 
CSR Committee 


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